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Everything rises and falls with leadership. We look for key leaders who love Christ so much that it shows. We discipline ourselves to live a life committed to Christ in the everyday world. We challenge ourselves to take all that Jesus has taught us and use it in our homes, neighborhoods, and jobs. We challenge ourselves to lead by example. We believe that obedience to God's word is critical for our success, therefore we study it and apply it to our lives every day.  We want our people to experience what God's word says, so we discipline ourselves to show God's word through our actions. We want people to see what God is doing in our lives as well as the joy that comes through obedience to Him. We want to impact you in whatever way we can. We want to minister to you and help you understand who Jesus Christ is and how you can have a personal relationship with the one true God.
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Ken Kondratowski

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Ken is the Pastor at CBC. He grew up in NJ and knows what it's like to live in the fast paced world of the New York Metropolitan area. His deep commitment to God and vision for a church that will transform peoples lives, drives our passion for West Milford. He and his wife Shirley also teach at Hawthorne Christian Academy where Ken teaches Bible, Psychology and Home Economics.
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Shirley Kondratowski

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Shirley and Ken have been married for 37 years. She has two wonderful sons who are married to two wonderful women, and five beautiful grandchildren. Shirley is a first rate, first grade teacher with years of valuable experience in education. She leads our ministry to women as well as a wide range of other ministry's. She has amazing compassion and a heart fully devoted to God.
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Tim Flaherty

Tim is a Senior Engineer and IT Director for a major publishing company. He is one of our primary teachers and visionaries. He is known for his many stories and dialects. He is married to Lisa and they have four children. He has a sensitive heart for God and great insight into the practical application of the Bible to everyday life. He leads our TLC (Tender Loving Care) Group on Sunday Mornings at 9:15am.
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Lisa Flaherty

Lisa heads up our children's ministry PowerAndLight. She and Tim have been at CBC the longest and are faithful servants. She is a long time home schooler and a leader in the local home schooling association. As the mother of 4 she has amazing insights on how to be a successful parent. Her great organizing skills and creativity brings an excitement to our ministry to grade school children and their families.
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Tina Stephens

A Native of West Milford, she is a school bus driver and the mother of a wonderful son who is part of our youth ministry. Her leadership responsibilities include our world wide mission outreach and special ministries. She is a valuable asset to our Ministry.
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Karen Clossey

Karen is our resident artist and a crafty lady. She develops all of the crafts for our children's programs. She is also the coordinator of PowerAndLight, our children's Sunday night program. A life long Jersey girl she and her husband and two daughters live right here in West Milford. Her artistic talents are fantastic as are her insights and love for Christ. She is a key reason that CBC is such a special place!
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Joe Landoline

Joe is the Outreach Coordinator at CBC. Joe has a heart after God and it has been amazing to watch him grow in his relationship with God. He is a mechanical genius and uses his gifts to help so many people. A great father and husband, he leads us by his example and his extraordinary vision for what God wants to do in our community make him a key leader on our team. You should come to CBC just to meet Joe!
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Kim Landoline

Kim is married to Joe, mother of two children and a career woman Kim is one of the most gifted people on our team. She is the Director of our Vacation Bible School program and is a key player in the PowerandLight. Our church is very family friendly and Kim is a key reason. On most Sunday mornings you will see her in the nursery, so that means quality care for the young children that fellowship at CBC.