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Worship Celebration

We are planned for God’s pleasure. The focus of our Worship is God, not us! Worship is our response to God’s love. We are to focus our attention on Him, loving Him passionately. Praising Him in song and with testimonies of His power and mercy, bowing before Him in prayer, honoring Him by listening to His word with an eye to living what He says. We try to vary our celebration to keep it from becoming rote. We want to keep a freshness and a vitality to our Worship of the Living God!


We believe that music is key to worship, and the means to an intensely meaningful encounter with God.  By employing a wide variety of musical styles we recognize the differences in the musical tastes of our people seeking to glorify God and minister to our lives through them.  We encourage everyone to praise God through music, some by heartily participating in group singing and others through using their gifts in one of the musical opportunities available:


CBC Praise Band
Every Sunday the praise team leads us in Worship to focus our thoughts on God and prepare our hearts to be open to the teaching of the Bible. If you are talented instrumentally or vocally we would love to talk with you about joining in a praise band.
Performance Music
If you're gifted as a singer, we have solos, duets, trios, and quartets are available for you to minister through. So just don’t sit there; come be a part of God’s life changing work here at Calvary Bible Church. 
Instrumental Performances
Instrumental solos, duets, and the accompaniment for vocal performances, are a big part of our musical program and we would love for you to share your instrumental gifts with us. Opportunities are always available, so come and talk with us. Call 973-728-3315 to discuss the possibilities
Choral Music
Choral music is a great place for you to use your vocal talent for the Glory of God and the encouragement of others. At various times throughout the year a choir is formed to sing in Sunday Worship Celebrations and special occasions. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed. Contact us if you would like to be a part!